Core values: co-creation and sharing

Career co-creation, benefit sharing, lasting innovation and harmonious development are the core values of Yuanda people.

Co-creation and sharing is the foundation of Yuanda Chemical. Co-creation and sharing is to create business together and share benefits with employees, shareholders and customers. Employees work hard for Yuanda's growth, shareholders build a platform for Yuanda's business, and customers create markets for Yuanda's operations. This is the cornerstone of Yuanda Chemical. In the process of creating wealth, Yuanda Chemical insists on motivating employees with value, returning shareholders with benefits, dedicating customers with quality products, and earnestly fulfilling social responsibilities.

Yuanda Chemical is the result of Co-creation and sharing.

Through continuous innovation, Yuanda Chemical has enabled the company to maintain its vitality forever; and through the construction of a harmonious “heart” culture, the company has achieved rapid development. Tongchuang Sharing can make Yuanda Chemical an outstanding enterprise with employee pride, customer respect, peer admiration, government support and social trust, ensuring Yuanda chemical industry is evergreen.

Corporate mission: to be the pioneer and leader of green chemistry

The earth is the home of human prosperity, and the environment is the basis of our survival and development. Yuanda people take care of the earth with sincerity and regard the protection of the environment as the life of the enterprise.

In the past, Yuanda Chemical has made unremitting exploration and utilized the recycling technology of chemical resources to realize the benign interaction and coordinated development of the industry and become the pioneer of the circular economy model in the industry.

In the future, Yuanda people will adhere to the concept of “green chemistry, life and long-term” and adhere to the development path of resource-saving and environment-friendly. Through innovative technology and lean management, we will develop more and better products, maximize resource utilization, and better serve the society and benefit mankind.

Entrepreneurial spirit: persistent pursuit, continuous innovation

Perseverance in pursuit is to persevere, be firm and calm, focus on our own business, do well in what we can do, constantly overcome difficulties, seize opportunities, and win the future.

Continuous innovation means endless life and innovation. Through continuous implementation of technological innovation, management innovation and market innovation, we will continue to gain competitive advantage.

Corporate style: strict, fine, real, fast

"Strict, fine and practical" is the spiritual wealth and high-quality cultural genes accumulated by Yuanda Chemical in the historical development; "Fast" is the style that Yuanda Chemical must possess in the ever-changing market competition environment.

Strict: strict organization, strict management, and strict implementation;

Fine: pay attention to subtlety, pay attention to details, and pursue fineness;

Real: To be honest, do practical things, and seek practical results;

Fast: fast, efficient, quick and sensitive.

Business philosophy: use our wisdom to win-win with you

With hard work and wisdom, Yuanda people are committed to creating high-quality products, excellent service and excellent culture, creating excellent brands, allowing customers to enjoy high-quality, high-value-added products, Realize your own benefits in the process of creatively meeting customer needs.

Yuanda always adheres to the concept of win-win in the cooperation, pays attention to the realization of customer value, shares resources, mutual benefit, achieves win-win and multiparty win-win, and grows together with partners.