Persevering in pursuit, practicing in ongoing

From the hard start of the company, we experienced the baptism of the reform tide and the market economy, and witnessed the difficult years of Chinese enterprises' growth and development. The scale and strength have increased and become the industry leader.

A drop of water can be seen in the sea. We are gratified and proud of this journey, which embodies the wisdom and hard work of all employees, and is also due to our persistent pursuit of the cause.

Seeing hope when you are in trouble, knowing how to stand up in adversity, and being able to live in peace. Do not blindly move, do not back down, be tenacious, and keep alive. With a performance that is worthy of the forefront, worthy of the mission, and worthy of the times, we will write a more brilliant future into history.

Every step of Yuanda’s chemical development practice is a testament to the power of perseverance.

Because of persistence, we are full of pride, innovation-driven, cultural leadership, and committed to building a century-old foundation and achievement of the times.

Because of persistence, we share the same, pursue excellence, create value, happy employees, achieve customers, and give back to the society.

Perseverance in achieving dreams, and the future can be far-reaching.