Manufacturer selling hot Isopropylphenyl phosphate, Isopropylated phenol phosphate, Triisopropylated phenyl phosphate, IPPP50

IPPP50 is a halogen free phosphate ester flame retardant plasticizer that will not pollute the environment twice; Among the phosphate ester varieties, it belongs to a model with moderate viscosity and phosphorus content. This product is colorless and transparent, with good solubility. It can both flame retardant and plasticize, playing a balance role between flame retardant and plasticizer materials. It can also maintain the natural color and physical properties of the processed materials. It is widely used in various fields such as PVC, fiber resin, synthetic rubber, and pressure resistant oil.

Isopropylphenyl phosphate

Isopropylated phenol phosphate;

Triisopropylated phenyl phosphate

Molecular Formula: C27H33O4P

Molecular Weight: 452.52

CAS: 68937-41-7

EINECS: 273-066-3

Purity: 99%